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Tax Advisory & Compliance

Tax advice in Belfast

As one of only a number of Chartered Tax Advisory practices in the UK, Rodgers Weir & Co are well placed to serve all your taxation needs. Our objective is to work closely with you at all stages of your business development to bring you a proactive tax service at each step of the journey rather than engaging in costly and reactive tax mitigation on a transaction by transaction basis.

Corporation Tax services

Rodgers Weir & Co will provide corporate entities with the full suite of services required to manage and compute your corporation tax exposure. Advising on added value services that can help mitigate your company’s corporation tax liability year after year and directly increase the company’s bottom line results.

Income Tax & Self-Assessment

The UK Income Tax and Self-Assessment regimes are for the majority of taxpayers very complicated and convoluted. Rodgers Weir & Co will help simplify this process for you by providing straightforward, relevant advice. We can also provide guidance on how you can use the income tax rules to maximise your after tax returns rather than continuing to accept the same position as the previous year. We can complete tax returns, calculate any tax liability and advise you on exactly when to make payments.

Capital Gains Tax

Disposals of capital assets such as shares, homes, land, and businesses all bring with them opportunities for capital tax planning. Many legislative changes have taken place in the capital taxes arena over the last number of years. At Rodgers Weir & Co we have considerable expertise in this area to help you structure transactions to take full benefit of the changes that have occurred in the most tax efficient manner.


No other area of the UK tax system brings as many simple errors as the UK VAT system. This together with HMRC’s approach to VAT compliance means many businesses frequently face the wrath of the HMRC penalty regime. Rodgers Weir & Co can help relieve your business frustrations in this area by providing advice which often results in large VAT repayments due to incorrect processing.

Inheritance Tax & Estate Planning

In today’s society many individuals ignore inheritance tax at their peril. With many family homes alone currently in excess of a misaligned tax free allowance for inheritance tax, early identification and professional advice is paramount to ensure that a substantial element of your family estate does not end up in the hands of HMRC. Rodgers Weir & Co has considerable experience in this field advising individuals on the most tax efficient means of holding their estates.

Family Trusts

Family trusts have always been perceived as the pursuit of the rich and famous. Rodgers Weir & Co will help simplify the benefits of such financial products and provide assistance with regard to the on-going management of trust affairs.

Tax Structuring & Mitigation

As a firm of Chartered Tax Advisers, Rodgers Weir & Co can provide much more than standard tax compliance services. We pride ourselves on the quality and breadth of advice which we can offer to not only individuals, but also corporate tax payers in an attempt to minimise their overall tax exposure. The key component of good tax advice is to ensure that your structure fits with the requirements of the business – facilitating when necessary the unique requirements of each individual entrepreneur. Rodgers Weir & Co has numerous years’ experience providing this very service to a variety of clients ranging from Plcs to sole traders.

Tax Investigations

Whilst at Rodgers Weir & Co we strive to carry out our work to the highest technical standards and in such a manner to keep the instances of tax investigations to a minimum, they do on occasion happen. The receipt of an investigation from HMRC can be a stressful experience for all. However, at Rodgers Weir & Co we will guide you through this process to alleviate any of the anxiety otherwise caused in these instances to provide the best overall result for you or your organisation.

Tax Health Checks

An additional service offered by Rodgers Weir & Co at no extra cost to you or your organisation is the performance of our standardised tax health check. We will consider how you and/or your organisation conducts its business and advise you on how this might be done in a more tax efficient means. You will not however be required to adopt any suggestions identified through this process unless you can identify the tax savings to be generated.

National Insurance

National Insurance contributions are often ignored my many individuals and organisations as a tax, like all others, capable of being managed. With increasing rates of National Insurance being levied year after year, Rodgers Weir & Co can offer solutions to help minimise you or your organisations National Insurance exposure without directly restricting the benefits you derive.

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