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Audit, Advisory & Assurance

Auditors in Belfast

External Audit

External audit is a statutory requirement for a number of specific businesses and organisations. When your business or organisation requires a statutory audit Rodgers Weir & Co will conduct our work on a purely independent basis. This will provide the comfort and assurance that your financial statements are in accordance with the relevant accounting standards and legislation. In addition to this service, we will focus on the risk areas prevalent in your business to provide you with advice on how you may maximise further efficiency savings with greater focus on your internal systems and controls.

Internal Audit

Internal audit is specific to each and every organisation. Rodgers Weir & Co will help you manage the risks associated with your own organisation and provide the necessary assurances to those charged with ensuring the organisation functions correctly from a financial, operational and compliance perspective.

Grant Certification & Advisory

Rodgers Weir & Co can help assist you in meeting the certification requirements of a number of grant awarding bodies throughout not only Northern Ireland, but the rest of Europe. In addition to which, we will provide you with help and assistance in identifying the necessary and relevant grants available to run a successful business.

Company Secretarial

Today’s business environment is becoming more and more regulated with severe penalties for non-compliance and innocent errors. Rodgers Weir & Co will help steer you through this maze of regulation and provide you with a cost effective solution to your needs in this area.

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